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全球十大体育平台 Email Alerts

Let's face it: a sudden rankings drop or an important backlink disappearance can happen all of a sudden, when you least expect it. Would you rather get an automatic report of any negative change and take action or wait until your clients notice first and get angry?

Email Alerts are clearly what you need. This takes website monitoring to the next level.

Be alerted when bad things happen

This is how the Email Alerts feature works:

全球十大体育平台 Scan Schedule

1. Schedule automatic scanning.

Set 全球十大体育平台 to automatically scan the websites you want to monitor. Select the tasks you want to get an email alert about if anything negative (or positive) happens. The tools available in the Email Alerts feature are:

  • Rank Tracking (alarm: significant changes in your rankings);
  • Technical Audit (alarm: technical issues);
  • Chosen Link Watch (alarm: changes in important backlinks).

You can instruct 全球十大体育平台 to perform scheduled scans of your websites with a frequency ranging from once a day to once a quarter (it depends on your subscription plan ).

2. Configure email alerts.

Configure 全球十大体育平台 so you will be instantly notified if a project faces negative ranking changes, technical issues like broken links or missing important backlinks. Specify the desired alert recipient's name, 'From' and 'To' email addresses.

Email alerts will be sent after the SEO tool scanning is complete, if a problem is found. Additionally:

  • You can create alerts for a group of projects as well as a single project;
  • You can track positive changes as well as negative (important if you track competitors' rankings as well);
  • You can see the details of all alerts that were ever sent in Alert History.
  • You can have email alerts sent from your own mail server. Moreover, White Label Domain users can brand their email alerts with a custom logo.

Yes, this is that simple and convenient. Be alarmed in time and you will fix problems as soon as they occur.

全球十大体育平台 Email Alerts Settings
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